First Panelized Building Installed

(This post was originally published on our GO Logic blog on February 10th, 2015)

Our first panelized building has been installed! After much work on this advanced building technology, including a trip to factories in Austria to learn more about Passive House panelized processes, GO Logic has installed our first home using a prefabricated, panelized building system incorporating locally produced factory panels from our shop in Waldo, Maine.

Located in Appleton, Maine, the 600-square-foot home is the first time we have applied our new panelized building system. We utilized six different wall panels for this home, which were created in collaboration with our design and construction teams. The client, who wanted simple living in a high-performance, super-insulated, small home, received a house as insulated and air-sealed as all of our GO Logic buildings, with triple-glazed windows and doors delivered from Germany, superior mineral wool insulation, and a compact and comfortable interior plan.

Many people have expressed interest in this durable, energy-efficient prefabricated building system we have developed, and we already have a series of panelized building projects near construction, including a 2,800-square-foot home in Bar Harbor, Maine. With the creative problem-solving and excellent efficiency that prefab buildings introduce, we’re looking forward to delivering the quality and performance of GO Logic buildings all over New England.