Building a house is like embarking on any long-term relationship; the decision should be based on more than just good looks. At GO Home we take aesthetics seriously, but we devote equal attention to the things you don’t see. We specify materials, components, and building assemblies that provide the highest performance, lowest maintenance, and longest service of any on the market. And we bring to the construction process a depth of Passive House experience unmatched in North America. So if you find yourself falling in love with a GO Home, go ahead and let it happen. You’ll only love it more as time goes by.

Patented Superinsulated Foundation


Our patented frost-protected shallow concrete foundation delivers Passive House-level energy efficiency while minimizing site disturbance and construction cost. We polish and seal the surface to create an attractive, low-maintenance floor that stores heat for a stable indoor temperature and a warm feeling underfoot.


  • 8 inches of rigid EPS insulation below the slab
  • 6 inches of rigid EPS insulation at the perimeter
  • R35 thermal performance
  • Wood flooring optional

Passive House Building Shell


Prefabricated in GO Home’s climate-controlled factory and assembled on your site, our panelized exterior walls incorporate two thick layers of insulation, virtually eliminating thermal bridging from indoors to outdoors and dramatically reducing heat loss.


  • 2×8 structural stud wall
  • 7-1/4 inches of dense-pack cellulose insulation in the stud cavities
  • 6 inches of rigid mineral wool insulation between the sheathing and siding
  • R50 thermal performance


Our standard roof provides a thick, unbroken layer of insulation overhead. Meticulous air-sealing between the attic and living spaces and ventilation beneath the sheathing eliminate the risk of moisture buildup and ensure a durable roof.


  • Prefabricated wood trusses
  • Taped Zip System air barrier
  • 24 inches of blown-in cellulose insulation
  • R80 thermal performance

High-Performance Windows and Doors


GO Home uses only high-performance triple-glazed windows manufactured in Germany by Kneer Sud Fenstern und Turen, for which we are the exclusive U.S. importer. Kneer Sud’s advanced design, precision construction, and sophisticated glazing technology result in super-low heat loss and effective management of solar gain.


  • Triple glazing
  • Advanced low-e coatings
  • R11 at the center of the glass
  • Solar heat gain coefficient of .50
  • Aluminum-clad exterior/PVC interior (wood interior optional)
  • Security glass optional

Tested Air-Tightness


GO Home’s meticulous attention to air-sealing results in a virtually airtight building envelope, dramatically reducing convective heat loss and ensuring draft-free indoor spaces.


  • Advanced, field tested building details
  • Effective, reliable building membranes and sealing materials
  • Blower-door testing
  • Air-tightness meets or exceeds the Passive House standard (.6 ACH @ 50 Pa)

Continuous Fresh-Air Ventilation


To maintain a healthy and comfortable indoor environment, every GO Home includes a top-of-the-line, highly reliable, low-maintenance heat-recovery ventilation system manufactured in Germany.


  • Constant supply of filtered, pre-warmed air to every room
  • Silent operation
  • 88 percent energy-recovery performance
  • Energy-recovery ventilation (ERV) optional

Efficient, Reliable Systems


Your GO Home includes complete mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. We specify reliable, efficient equipment and offer a menu of fixtures that perform well and complement the architecture of your home.


  • Complete electrical wiring and basic lighting fixtures
  • Complete plumbing with water-conserving fixtures
  • Electric water heating (heat pump water heater optional)
  • Electric baseboard space heating
  • Optional ductless heat pump system for heating and air conditioning

Durable, Low-Maintenance Exterior


Your GO Home shrugs off the elements with exterior finish materials that combine durability, low maintenance, and authentic good looks.


  • Eastern white cedar shingle or solid-stained composite clapboard siding
  • Cedar or composite trim
  • Standing-seam metal roofing (40-year warranty, easy mounting for rooftop solar panels)
  • Alaskan cedar decking

Clean, Bright Interior


GO Home creates a calm, peaceful backdrop for your life, a place that will feel like home the first time you walk inside. Our smart, straightforward layouts invite you to create an environment that is uniquely your own.


  • Polished and sealed concrete floors at ground level (wood flooring optional)
  • Clear-finished pine flooring at the second floor, if applicable
  • Natural linoleum bathroom flooring at the second floor, if applicable
  • Painted drywall at walls and ceilings
  • Painted poplar trim and baseboards
  • Solid, painted doors: flat panel or Shaker style
  • Ikea kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities
  • Formica countertops

Safe, Healthy Environment


Home is not the place for dangerous chemicals or mystery materials. GO Home thoroughly screens every product that goes into your house for long-term safety and sustainability.


  • Highest quality, healthy, sustainable materials
  • Durable, attractive, low-emission finishes
  • Zero-VOC paints
  • Formaldehyde-free cabinets and plywood