If your building site is in Maine, GO Home can deliver one of our predesigned, prefabricated houses as a move-in-ready, turn-key package. To ensure that planning and construction proceed smoothly and predictably, every GO Home project follows this carefully designed sequence:


1. Site 


The GO Home process begins with your individual house site, and assumes that you own the land where you plan to build and can provide a detailed site survey and photos of the site.

2. Plan, Product, and Finish Selection


GO Home cuts through the complexity of building a new home by giving you choices of fully developed house plans that reflect our skilled architects’ best work. Our portfolio of designs ranges from a 600-square-foot cottage to three- and four-bedroom family homes up to 2,500 square feet in size. All include the option of adding a garage or barn, adapt easily for one-floor living and universal accessibility, and can include a full foundation if required. Several offer a choice of a traditional or contemporary façade.


After choosing a plan that meets your needs, consult our menu of options and finishes and download our Selections Form to complete the design in a way that expresses your own style. All of the available selections reflect our high functional and aesthetic standards. If you don’t find everything you’re looking for, we’ll work with you to identify alternatives (these services will be provided on an hourly basis). If your needs call for a higher level of customization, we’ll refer you to our parent firm, GO Logic, for additions or alterations to one of our predesigned plans, or for a fully custom design.

3. Preliminary Cost Estimate 


Starting with the Base Price of the GO Home plan you’ve chosen and the options recorded on your Selections form, we’ll factor in your site’s characteristics—as described in writing by you or your local civil engineer – to develop a preliminary cost estimate that covers planning, site work, production and delivery of a prefabricated building package, and on-site construction of the complete house. We will then review the estimate with you to ensure that the proposed project is a good fit for your budget and make adjustments if necessary.

4. Preconstruction Phase and Construction Documents 

Once you’ve approved the preliminary cost estimate, we will provide you with a proposal for the preconstruction phase, outlining all the stages of the planning and construction process and including a project cost estimate and schedule. This proposal becomes the basis for the preconstruction phase contract (a separate construction contract will cover everything from groundbreaking to the completion of your house).



When you sign the preconstruction phase contract and provide us with a retainer of $5,000, we will begin producing the construction documents, which will describe in detail how your house is to be built.



To begin the preconstruction phase, a GO Home architect will meet with you at your building site to get a feel for the land and discuss how you envision your future home there. In siting the house—as well as a garage, barn, or other accessory structure—we will consider topography, solar orientation and views, driveway access, and all necessary utilities. We always pay careful attention to the site’s natural features, so that we ensure proper groundwater and stormwater management and protect existing landforms and vegetation. If your site does not have access to a public sewer, you will need to contact a civil engineer or septic system designer to design an on-site waste disposal system. Depending on local requirements, a civil engineer may be required to complete the site plan.



We will then update the plans and 3D model of your predesigned house to reflect your product and finish selections and your site’s unique features, generating the construction documents the construction team will use to price and assemble your house:



If you would like to make minor alterations to your house plan—for instance, changing a window or interior wall location—we will provide advice, on a time-and-materials basis, regarding cost and feasibility. Because we strive for thoroughness and accuracy throughout the design process, the completed construction documents will provide all the detail necessary to generate a fixed-price construction contract.


5. Construction Pricing 


When the construction documents and product and finish selections for your home are complete, we will obtain the best available pricing for materials, labor, and subcontractors. To ensure the most accurate pricing—and to expedite construction—all material, fixture, and finish selections should be finalized at this point. If any choice remains pending, we will apply a realistic allowance to account for the cost. (An allowance is not a fixed price; it is an estimate based on our experience. The final cost of allowance items will depend on the actual products you select.)

6. Financing


If you plan to finance your house, our construction documents and pricing will likely provide all the information your lender requires. For further details on construction financing, contact your local lending institution.

7. Construction Contract 


Our fixed-price construction contract covers the complete cost of building your house and all site work involved. It will include a payment schedule and list the responsibilities of contractor and client. We will also provide a construction schedule that outlines the approximate dates for the various construction phases. During construction, if you decide to change any aspect of the house, we will generate a change order and account for any additional cost on either a fixed-price or time-and-materials basis.


Once you’ve signed the construction contract and provided a down payment of 20 percent of the total contract amount, the project will proceed to final permitting and construction.

8. Permitting 


GO Home will provide you with documents to support your application for all necessary building permits. We assume that you will make these applications yourself, but if you would like us to handle the process on your behalf, we will provide that service on an hourly basis.

9. Construction 


When all the necessary approvals have been obtained, construction begins!


The GO Home process is streamlined to make the most of factory panelization, with a construction schedule that hinges on two crucial elements: ordering the German-made windows we use for every project and prefabricating the building shell in our shop. Because the lead-time for windows is three months, we will finalize your window order shortly after receiving a signed construction contract and begin earthwork for the foundation while the windows are being manufactured.


When the windows arrive at our factory and the finished foundation’s precise dimensions are confirmed, we will begin fabricating the building panels. After approximately four to six weeks, we will deliver the panels to your site by truck and spend the following two weeks assembling them on your foundation to create an air-sealed building shell. The remainder of the construction process takes place on site.


GO Home will provide construction administration services for the duration of construction, as specified in the preconstruction phase contract, including answering contractor questions and reviewing shop drawings and submittals. Any design or customization services performed during the construction phase will be billed as additional services. Any changes to the construction scope will be processed as change orders and billed on either a fixed-price or time-and-materials basis.

10. Completion


Nine months after you sign the construction contract—on a typical project—your home will be complete, performance-tested, and ready for move-in!