GO Home Pricing in Maine
To help you plan and budget for your new home, we’ve simplified the pricing of our house designs. The GO Home Base Prices above include all of the architecture and construction work on your new house, as well as the site improvements required to construct it on a straightforward building lot:



  • Planning, pricing, and preparation
  • Excavation and grading required to install a slab-on-grade foundation
  • Our patented superinsulated slab-on-grade foundation
  • Our panelized, superinsulated, weathertight, air-sealed building shell
  • Interior walls and floors
  • Triple-glazed windows and exterior doors, imported from Germany
  • Durable exterior siding, roofing, and trim
  • Mechanical systems, including a high-performance heat-recovery ventilation system and electric baseboard heating
  • Interior finishes, doors, and casework
  • Kitchen and bathroom cabinetry
  • Plumbing and electrical fixtures
  • Paint and other applied finishes as required
  • Utility connections to:

Potable water supply

Waste disposal

Electrical utility

GO Home pricing is based on a factored square-foot estimate derived from our historical cost information for construction in Maine. For island sites and sites outside of our general contracting area—including those outside of Maine—we use as our baseline the prevailing local cost of custom construction in that area, which may differ from our pricing in Maine. Any customization of the house plan or accessory structures will be billed on an hourly basis.



Because every site is unique, site improvement costs vary considerably. The Base Price assumes that your site is a conforming building lot that will accommodate the footprint of the house, with level topography, soils suitable for construction, and vehicle access and clearing as required for panel delivery and construction. As we gather more information, we will develop accurate pricing that reflects your site’s characteristics and your personal preferences.



Not included are permitting, civil engineering, grading beyond 10 feet from the perimeter of the house, foundation modifications to accommodate sloping topography, driveway or paving, walkways, grass seed, fencing, site walls, outdoor lighting, or other landscaping.

Next Steps

For more detailed pricing, review our Options, fill out the downloadable Selections Form and forward it to us using the options outlined on our Contact page. A GO Home representative will use the information you provide to refine your model’s Base Price, then contact you to discuss your new house in greater detail.